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Dunamis Tactical Arms: We are a small family owned manufacture and dealer of custom firearms and NFA items. No inventory is stored on-site or available for browsing/holding/touching/or feeling. Visit our online super-store for all your shooting sports needs and keep an eye out for any new products we develpe. Check out our "How to" video for a tutorial under the "Blog" tab on the homepage, for instructions to use our website and complete a purchase. THERE IS NOBODY HERE TO SHOP FOR YOUR HOLSTER, SLING, DETENT, OR HEAVEN FORBID YOU CALL AND ASK FOR AN "EXTENDED CLIP". If you want some assistance, please do some research first, and email us any questions you may have. You must create an account at, include your contact information AND product information including a SKU, Manufacturer's Number, UPC, or any other searchable info. Screenshots from any website are deleted and ignored. Have items to sell or trade, or an estate sale? Send us an email with accurate descriptions and condition (yea we know: its slightly used, barely shot,...) and plenty of clear photographs to be considered for an offer. Note: if you are offering a used forearm you should expect an offer of approximately 1/3 of what you think its worth. ....

Available by appointment

New location:

442 Breesport St.

San Antonio, TX 78216